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Working With Us

Heffner Hurst routinely collaborates on cases with other well-respected litigators across the nation. Together, we have achieved significant recoveries with our co-counsel in many jurisdictions and always strive to provide top-notch, substantive contributions to any arrangement.

We are open to co-counsel or litigation-assistance arrangements in a variety of circumstances. For example, we can help analyze a case from its inception and strategize to avoid potential class-action pitfalls, assist in developing or trying an ongoing case, or even properly position and argue your position on appeal.

We are also happy to accept referrals from other lawyers who might not be in a position to litigate a class action but have a great idea for a class action or a client who seeks to represent a class. Over the last decade, we have paid out over a million dollars in referral fees to referring attorneys. We hope to continue to do so in the future.

Last but not least, we also provide local-counsel services to individuals and large institutions who litigate in Illinois state and federal courts. In this capacity, we have been selected by prominent national law firms and their large institutional clients to represent their interests and provide insight into the local workings of Illinois’s courts and tendencies of its judiciary.

Contact us if we might be of help and you would like to work with friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced class-action litigators.