Preeminent Attorneys

Leading, preeminent attorneys

We are well respected by lawyers and judges alike.
Martindale Hubbell’s independent peer review procedure
ranked Mr. Heffner in its highest category for legal acumen and ethical standards.
National and regional bar associations have chosen us to lead as chairs
or officers of practice committees, and the media seeks and publishes
our opinions regarding class-action litigation and legal trends.

Multi-million and billion dollar trials

Recovering millions and protecting
priceless civil rights

Heffner Hurst is known for ardent advocacy whatever the stakes.
We won’t take case unless we believe in it and our clients,
and we can and will fight a case all the way to a final judgment and beyond.
Indeed, we have time and again shown we will try a case
rather than accept a bad result and take (and win) appeals
on issues others thought too risky.

Court Praise

Praise from federal and state courts

"Fine advocacy . . . ."
        -Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, Young v. Verizon’s Bell Atl. Cash Balance Plan

"Quality of the work has been excellent"
        -Hon. Judge Michael McShane, United States District Court, District of Oregon, Dooley v. Saxton

"Very well qualified...with extensive experience in securities class action litigation."
"An excellent job...frankly, it was an honor for me to be able to deal with such outstanding lawyers."
        -Hon. Wayne Anderson, United States District Court, Northern District of Illinois, In re Bank One Sec. Litig.

"The quality of the work of Plaintiffs' Counsel, as witnessed by this Court during the past three years of litigation, was exemplary...
Without the expertise and efforts of Plaintiffs' Counsel, the Class and Appraisal Plaintiffs likely would not have achieved any recovery,
much less the significant recovery produced in this combined litigation."
        -Chancellor Leo E. Strine of the Delaware Chancery Courts in Pearson v. Voglesinger and Martin v. PNB Holding Co.

" . . . vigorous advocates. . . well-represent[ing] their clients. . ." which "resulted in the substantial judgment” despite an "uphill battle."
        -Hon. Judge Sandra Beckwith, Southern District of Ohio, Schumacher v. AK Steel Corp. Ret. Accumulation Pension Plan

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  • Heffner Hurst is a law firm that litigates class actions and complex litigation throughout the United States. We engage in a broad range of litigation and offer contingency-fee and other creative fee arrangements. Please contact us today for a free consultation.

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