Investor Litigation

Heffner Hurst attorneys have a wealth of experience in representing shareholders across the globe in securities litigation. We have been appointed lead or co-lead counsel in numerous securities fraud actions, most notably In re First Chicago Shareholders Litigation. In that case, our lawyers secured one of the largest settlements ($120 million) in an action with no concurrent Department of Justice or S.E.C. investigation. We also vigorously represent shareholders in corporate governance issues, from minority interests being “squeezed out” of a company by the majority to those seeking to enforce their appraisal or proxy rights.

In addition to typical securities fraud on behalf of common stock holders, Individual investors typically find us helpful in the following areas:

Pension/Company Stock

If you own stock of your employer through a retirement plan, typically an ESOP, you can help recover losses in your company stock price for yourself and the other participants. Please click here for more information.

Initial Public Offerings (IPO)

If you purchased securities directly from an underwriter in an IPO, and its price subsequently dropped significantly on the disclosure of bad news, you may have a claim. In this type of litigation, individuals can help recover tens or hundreds of millions of dollars just by filing a complaint.

Preferred Securities, Debt, and Exotic Securities

If you purchased a preferred series share of a company whose stock price has dropped dramatically and a securities lawsuit has been filed, you can also help recover significant sums in the right case. Debt instruments (bonds), too, can be the subject of litigation.

Merger Squeeze Outs/S-Corp. Conversions

If you are being forced out of your ownership of a company through a merger, buy-out, or S-corporation conversion, you may have a claim. In many instances, corporate insiders or majority shareholders mislead the minority shareholders about the company’s prospects or pay an unfair price for outstanding shares.

For institutional investors, we can also provide a variety of services, from portfolio review and monitoring to investigations of particular securities or advisors.

If you think you have a case or would like a free consultation, please contact us today.